March 24, 1997

Dear Mr. Bennett,

On behalf of the staff, volunteers and residents of Casey House, I wanted to write to thank you for your generous donation. With recent budget cuts the funds raised from the Bridging The Knight Charity Auction come at a good time for Casey House.

Casey House Hospice admitted its first resident in March 1988. Since that time, Casey House has provided compassionate palliative care to more than 850 men and women in the final stages of AIDS.

In February 1993, due to the overwhelming need for additional care, Casey House introduced the Home Hospice Program. Launched with little government funding, this program provides the same high level of care that people in the hospice receive, to people in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own homes.

At a cost of $850,000 a year to operate, the Home Hospice Program is dependent on funds raised from events like the Bridging The Knight Charity Auction for support.

Mr. Bennett, once again thank you for your continued support of Casey House.

Warm regards,

Todd Hogan
Event Coordinator
Casey House Hospice


Nick Gray presenting the check to Leigh Parish, Executive Director
of the Metro Toronto Branch of the Canadian Diabetes Association

July 4, 1997

Dear Janet (Cuddy) [on behalf of Nick Gray],

I am writing to thank you for your generous gift of $24,000 to the Canadian Diabetes Association - Metro Toronto Branch. On June 6th, 1997 our first annual Corporate Volunteer and Supporter Recognition Breakfast was held at the Canoe Restaurant in Toronto where Forever Knight was acknowledged as one of our most generous donors.
Your support and the support of other initiatives like Bridging the Knight charity auction, will help us in our fight to find a cure for diabetes. While most people are aware that people with diabetes must monitor their lifestyle very closely and many need to administer several insulin injections daily, they may not be aware of the potential complications.

Here's what diabetes does:
*It doubles the chance of heart attack and stroke
*It is the leading cause of adult blindness
*It is the leading cause of amputations
*It increases the risk of kidney disease

With approximately 1.5 million Canadians suffering with this disease, diabetes is the third leading cause of death by disease, and costs the Canadian economy approximately 85 billion to $ 6 billion a year. The discovery of insulin here in Toronto in 1921 by Banting and Best has helped to keep millions of people alive worldwide. Your continued financial support will help us to improve the lives of millions more.

Once again, Ms. Cuddy, thank you for your support. A receipt for income tax purposes is enclosed.

Yours truly,

Kimberly Sopinka
Fund Development Assistant
Canadian Diabetes Association


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