Kensington Youth Theatre & Employment Skills

Kytes uses popular theatre as part of a comprehensive program to assist disadvantaged and street-involved youth in achieving self-sufficiency as well as personal and social change.

-to increase youth self-sufficiency
-to prepare them for future options and choices
-to decrease their long-term reliance on welfare
-to increase their self-respect, self-esteem, and self-worth
-to create a sense of community that will stay with them
-to provide youth with transferable working skills

The kytes Program
At kytes we use popular theatre and education as tools for personal and social change. During our 17-week program, run twice a year, the 16-20 participants are exposed to resources and opportunities to help them break the cycle of homelessness and disadvantage. kytes offers:
academic upgrading - an on site high school teacher helps youth with group and independent studies working towards high school credits

theatre - starting with basic exercises and moving into creative writing, youth explore and work on individual and collective issues while simultaneously developing and ultimately performing their own production
lifeskills - youth look at personal and social issues such as poverty, drug addiction, budgeting, anger management, safe sex and relationships with the support of staff through group research, workshops with community guest speakers and individual counselling
future options - basic pre-employment skills (resumes, interview skills, job search) are combined with our mentoring program, where youth are matched with a community business person in their chosen career field and with long and short-term future planning
nutrition - youth are provided with breakfast and a hot lunch, basic nutrition
information, hands-on cooking instruction and tips for shopping on a limited budget

For more information, please contact:

466 Bathurst St.

Toronto, ON M5T 2S6
Program (416) 934-9925

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