Forever Knight Original Cadillac Convertible For Sale

My name is Brock Jolliffe. I worked on the TV series ‘Forever Knight’ as the Special Effects Supervisor for season two and three. When the series ended in 1996, I expressed an interest in Nick’s 1961 convertible Cadillac. Subsequently Nick Gray (FK Producer) and I came to an agreement and I purchased both the ‘hero’ 1961 Caddy and the ‘stunt’ 1962 Caddy in April of 1996.

Through the years, I have enjoyed the Cadillac thoroughly, but I feel now that it is time to let someone else care for and enjoy this beauty. I have decided to sell ‘Nicks’ 1961 ‘Hero’ Caddy. This car is an important piece of the ‘Forever Knight’ Series, unarguably the most important prop on the show. I would like it very much, to go to a good home. It’s home is currently in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada locale.

If you are interested in the car please contact me, with your references, at I am posting the car for $ 30,000. 00 USD. As there are likely to be several interested parties, I will consider
highest offer. I will be open for offers, through emailing to the above address, starting Sunday May 28, 2006 and will accept offers until 7 pm PST (10 pm EST) Sunday June 11, 2006 . I will give individuals a chance to
raise their offer if they wish to, as I will notify all parties privately, of the current offer status.

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A $5,000.00 USD deposit will be required with in 72 hours of notification of winning bid/offer. This amount will be fully refundable if upon an “in person” inspection, the purchaser is not happy with this car, and wishes to decline the purchase. This full refund offer is valid only if the purchaser views the car in person at the it’s current location (in the Toronto, Ontario, area) within 14 days of close of offers (June 11. 2006).
The balance of payment is due within 30 days. I will continue to store the car inside, at the owners risk, for up to 60 days if requested. I reserve the right to decline any and all offers, at my discretion.

This Vehicle is the ORIGINAL car that Geraint Wynn Davies drove in, during the course of filming the TV series ‘Forever Knight’. I have not modified the car since I received it in April of 1996. Regular maintenance
and service has been performed. I also had the front and rear bumper assemblies re-chromed, a new carburetor, replaced master cylinder, wheel cylinders and exhaust. I purchased a presentation cover for the top (covers it over when it is folded down). The car has been stored indoors always. It comes with a vehicle blanket and cover. Engine and transmission run fine. The car is a very solid car and is in excellent condition. Of course, one needs to remember that it is 45 years old; it is not going to run, operate
and be as reliable as a new car.

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I would prefer that the prospective buyer personally view the car, to ensure that there are no surprises, but I understand that potentially great distances may be involved with this transaction. The new potential owner is encouraged to view the car before we finally seal the deal. I want to make sure that the Caddy and the new owner get along well together. I will be very happy to respond to any questions regarding the car.

The interior is pretty much as it came to me, other than I have cleaned it up
and installed some missing carpet and kick panels. I spent a full week cleaning up and restoring the dash area. There is a small scrape on the lower rear of the front fender, on the passenger side from the transport guys, when they loaded the car on the trailer and I have also noticed that since I had the paint redone (7 yrs) there are signs of a small area of paint distortion on both sides at the lower rear of front fenders, likely from the beginnings of rusting in this area. There are no perforations in the paint.

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I have driven it on 50 mile jaunts for surveys a number of times. It always turns heads where ever it goes ! People love this car! It has been popular at the car club 'Show 'n Shine' as well.

I will put the car through an Ontario vehicle safety inspection, and provide this certificate. This means that the car will meet the Ontario Vehicle Safety Standards. But as the car is likely to be sold outside of the province, I will not be responsible for it meeting any other province or state regulations. The car will be sold with the understanding that it will be the buyer’s responsibility to get this car to meet any safety standards required to make the car roadworthy anywhere other than the province of Ontario. Essentially
this means sold “as is”.

All Customs taxes, duties or other related fees and charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Any State, Federal or Provincial taxes that may be due upon the sale or transfer of ownership are the responsibility of the purchaser.

All transportation and shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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All costs related to the transfer of ownership, plates and tags are the responsibility of the purchaser.
What this all means is, that I am selling a vehicle that is in good driving condition (She’s a Beauty) but the purchasing fee does not include anything else other than the cost of the car itself.

Please direct all correspondence and all offers / bids to the email address:

Some specs:

1961 Cadillac Series 62 convertible, 2 door
VIN 61F005300
Gas 8 cylinders 390 cu in
‘Forever Knight’ Green
Power windows
Power Brakes
Power steering
AM radio
Power bench seat (not currently hooked up)
Air conditioning (not used since owned)
Cruise (not used since owned)
Mileage when purchased 55,640
Mileage currently 56,850
Included in this sale:
I have original “plate Portion’ of vehicle permit from ‘Forever Knight Productions Inc. Plate number 410 PPR
I have the original Ontario license plates 410 PPR – these were the ones used by production to legally drive the car on the road.
The Colorado license plates that came with the car when production purchased it
I have a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ signed, from ‘Forever Knight Productions Inc.,
for this car. April 1996
Removable zippered rear window with glass panel, and removable rear zippered panel
without glass (used like this for filming reflection purposes)
An 8 x 10 picture of the FK production crew with this car in the background - this is a copy of a season year end crew photo.
Car blanket and vinyl cover
White presentation convertible top boot (cover)

All the best.